Ephor Group is a Management Advisory firm that invests resources in our clients to create wealth producing enterprises.

Ephor Group's Strategic Advisory Practice

"Increasing Valuation" means improving the following business drivers:

  • Revenue Acquisition Economic Efficiencies
  • Operational Scalability

We help businesses create long-term value and wealth for all stakeholders. Both entrepreneurs and investors seek our help when their organization are either in growth or underperforming mode. Included services in every strategy engagement:

    • Capital Advisory Services: Funding and Investment Structures
    • Management Augmentation - Business Process Improvement Focused on Revenue and Retention.
    • Alternative Distribution including Partnership, Distribution, Channel, and Strategic Alliance Development
    • Revenue Operations Management including the best sources and uses of capital for customer acquisition and maximization of average client tenure and NLTV
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • M&A Corporate Development
    • Valuation Analysis & Exit Planning of companies at any stage of their company's lifecycle. Strategic alternatives are identified and assessed.

Looking to create wealth?

We will not only design the roadmap, but will help you execute the plan.

Emerging Enterprises

Early stage emerging companies must effectively allocate their limited resources across the entire spectrum of business demands. Maximum utilization of precious resources is a critical aspect of near and long-term success. Often critical elements needed to achieve profitable, self-sufficient operations are not in place. Ephor Group's seasoned and experienced advisors are proficient in maximizing the opportunity. By applying our growth methodologies we are able to identify and provide proper process, measurement, and metrics to insure scaleability.



Businesses that are underperforming are always sequestered by more than one factor.  We combine a pragmatic analysis of the company, its capital structure, and a performance improvement initiative. We then fill-in-the-gaps between the resources the company can bring to bear on the problem and the needed solution. 

A performance improvement plan is created, goals established, change managed and measurable progress analyzed and monitored. From working with creditors to managing costs and improving revenues, Ephor Group approaches performance improvement using a structured, consistent methodology that focuses the business on the right activities at the right time with clear direction and management consistency.

Ephor Group creates constituency alignment between all stakeholders (investors, boards, suppliers, partners, employees, etc.) to improve operating and financial performance.  Ephor Group ensures consistent, measurable results. 


Advisory Services

Founders turn to Ephor Group to solve a particular challenge outside of their daily responsibilities or expertise.  What distinguishes us and ensures results is our holistic approach. 


Every engagement consists of the following components: Gap Analysis, Constituency Alignment, Action Planning, Resource Implementation,  and Measurement and Metrics. Ephor Group ensures performance improvement supports the strategy while providing speed-to-execution.


Capabilities Development

Once a company has illustrated its operating model, there is a multitude of areas for refinement and improvement.  Whether a company should implement technology to scale the business (such as CRM or ERP), add new markets or partners; the proper implementation of people, process, and systems determines whether a company performs up to its potential. 

Ephor Group has partnered with leading providers, vendors, consultants, VARs, and implementers across all of the above functions. Our team regularly assess and evaluates the following technologies: (in fact we have worked with hundreds and invested in many!)



Ephor Group has an extensive track-record of helping emerging growth companies to grow more efficiently as well as opening new markets for technology, software, and services. Ephor Group will assess your options and assist your company with the following:

  1. Corporate Development / M&A by Location(s), Competency, or Roll-up options
  1. Alternative Distribution via Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Channel Partners


Board Management Augmentation

The best managers and owners of companies play to their strengths.  But brilliance in one functional area does not necessarily translate into long-term success in the marketplace. 

Whether serving in advisory or interim management roles, the firm draws on a deep operational heritage and hands-on approach to deliver comprehensive performance improvement, turnaround management and business advisory services to clients ranging from large international and middle market companies and their investors, to public sector and healthcare organizations.


Valuation Analysis & Exit Planning

When market conditions or company specific factors make an exit a strategic initiative the business must be in a position to capture best-of-breed valuation methodologies.

Short-term (tactical) initiatives that dress up a company for sale rarely create real increases in equity value. Ephor Group focuses on the strategic drivers in the business, the business model, and near-term operational efficiencies which yield results to support a durable and credible increase in value and earn out maximization.

Our engagements are not single threaded, our involvement crosses a range of functional and specialist domains. Therefore Ephor Group engagements typically include some combination of the following services based on our analysis of the business and its requirements.


Capital Funding and Investment

Capital is available for emerging enterprises with domain expert founders, superior business models, and efficient operations.

Ephor Group's and our investment partners (leading private equity firms that invest in B2B firms) approach is to identify emerging enterprises with domain expert founders and augment the enterprise with capital and support.  We work with proven executives to acquire and build enduring companies. We fund and support our clients as they grow small and mid-sized businesses into market leaders.

Ephor Group's Perform Business Process™ matches founders with talent, capital, and execution support that creates wealth producing enterprises.  Ephor Group capital funding and investment is for firm's that have a market opportunity to grow by at least 40% a year.  The partnership begins even before an investment is made. We work with our companies to analyze the market rigorously, formulate an action plan to and achieve wealth goals for all constituencies. 

We will assess your companies criteria for investment and advise you on the best sources for financing. Our holistic process includes the following components and ensures that you raise capital efficiently.

Strategic Assessments & Analysis

  • Business model analysis compared to competitors' position in industry, value proposition analysis, and needs assessments
  • Organizational abilities and capacity against market opportunities
  • Product and service portfolio analysis
  • Corrective action programs and/or organizational structure and changes
  • Turnaround programs

Constituency Alignment

  • Board of Director (BOD) leadership and structure
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stakeholder alignment programs
  • Team building of Board of Directors and/or management



Business & Corporate Development Processes & Programs 

  • Analysis of sales, marketing, and program development
  • Business development initiatives
  • Corporate development initiatives
  • M&A buy side activities
  • Partner program design, development, and implementation
  • Strategic alliance identification and program development


Financial Analysis & Engineering

  • Capital structure needs and analysis
  • Financial measurements and metrics
  • Outsourcing of services identification, vendor selection, and implementation
  • Productivity and cost analysis

Capital Formation & Fundraising

  • Capital allocation and sourcing
  • Offering document development
  • Structure and pricing
  • Targeting of institutional investors

"Many times companies engage us to solve a singular issue, but 100 percent of the time the solution needs a holistic combination of strategic guidance, operational improvement, management augmentation, or capital in order to solve the underlying issues." – Garry Meier, Ephor Group Founder.

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