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Q3 2014 Growth Capital News:


2014 July eNewsletter: Happy American Independence Day!

Happy July 4th Ephor Group Garry Meier Solving The Value Equation Growth Strategy



Happy July 4th! 


As we complete the first half of yet another year and look forward to our needed accomplishments for the second half of 2014, it’s always appropriate to evaluate our strategy and its execution elements. 
As Peter Drucker, the famed consultant, who so astutely directed so many companies to simply ask: “What is my business today and what should it be in the future?”

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If indeed you are in the very small minority where the strategy has been successful far, then the question becomes: How can the business model and its execution components improve?  


At Ephor our many client successes have been fundamentally a result of effective and differentiated strategies, coupled with successful "Unit of One Economics” execution elements.


As the economy migrates itself to a more "Technology Enabled Economy”; technology & process coupled with high trained and skilled human capital will be the critical success factor for services businesses. At Ephor we profess that investment in technology and human capital and the outcomes they produce will determine the few marketplace winners, and wealth creators.


Due to the accelerating pace of marketplace demand and change, an effective growth strategy only creates as much value as the effectiveness of the execution of the business (Unit of One Economics). For example:

  • For healthcare service providers, the rising cost of compliance and reporting is eroding the middle market point solutions creating small boutiques and large enterprises with a portfolio of services. Large entities can then bundle or unbundle their capabilities based on the customer needs.
  • The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) value proposition, once labor arbitrage centric, coupled with shared services economies of scale as we all know is evolving drastically.
  •  Meanwhile, service providers today are investing in new operational solutions and processes - ones that are mapped to meet the communication needs of the independent, autonomous self-starters of Generation Y.
  • The software development cycle has once stated in terms of years is now spoken of in terms of months and weeks.

The application of technology to improve workflow and core processes translates itself into superior value for customers, however due to cost and pace of investments required, only the best and most effective business models will be able to generate a return on those investments, and differentiate itself. 

It is a well-known fact that since early 2009 the "middle class of businesses" is a smaller % of the GDP in the economy as well as the wealth created from small businesses is “shrinking” at a much more aggressive rate.  The good news is that those that have effective growth strategies and efficient “Unit of One Economics” will create the majority of wealth to be created in this “New Economy”.

If your company would benefit from a pragmatic, no obligation comparison of your "Unit of One Economics" compared to others in your sector, please contact us at Ephor[at]EphorGroup.com, to chat with myself or one of my colleagues.

In closing: I very vividly recall what Peter Drucker once said to me in January 1986: “declare war on mediocrity and all of its attributes, as one wins the war on mediocrity; any economic, regulatory and all exogenous factors become opportunities not barriers to success!”.

Again Happy Holiday and We Wish You & Yours Only The Best!


For more information contact:
Ephor Group Founder Garry E. Meier





Q1 2014 Growth Capital Strategy and Acquisition News:

The 2014 economic forecasters predict a tough but manageable economy with incremental growth.

  • For small businesses, higher taxes, lack of technology infrastructure, and rising health care expenses will stall small business growth. While certain local regions remain economically stagnant, the gains from 2013 hold the promise of steady growth for those with momentum.

  • For market leaders; the future continues to be bifurcated into two groups: those that built a strong economic foundation and those that survived but delayed infrastructure investments required for growth. The economic forecast calls for market bifurcation into market leaders and laggards.

For B2B technology services solution providers the brand is becoming more important than innovation, and even more important than thought leadership. It is clear to us at Ephor, that having a reputation as a branded leader coupled with a commitment to evolving your portfolio model is a requirement for growth and expansion. Successful growth requires policies that support growth. Read more from Ephor Group here:

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About Ephor Group

Ephor Group is an advisor on growth capital strategies. Ephor Group's focus today is the same as its genesis; to solve the wealth creation gap for entrepreneurs/investors by helping businesses migrate from subscale businesses to scaled enterprises. We help build highly successful businesses which has enabled our clients to generate best-in-class investment returns.

The firm traces its roots back to Garry E. Meier's operating experience as a public and private company chairman where he developed his service methodologies for maximizing wealth creation. Over the past decade, Ephor has provided resources and growth strategy to help our clients "Solve the Value Equation" and create wealth.


Ephor's philosophy is rooted in aligning clients' growth strategy with their wealth strategy coupled with satisfying large market demand opportunities. We partner with founders/owners of businesses who have created valuable franchises but have reached a stage in their business life cycle where they desire outside resources— both operational and financial—to help them evolve their businesses to the next level.


Our focus is on growth strategy investments in the lower end of the middle market ($1 MM to $100MM of EBITDA) where we can apply both growth strategy and growth capital to create value to both the P&L and balance sheet.

  • Businesses of this size benefit the most from our direct involvement—it is in this segment of the market where we as a firm have the most to offer—and, therefore, by focusing our efforts here we can produce differentiated returns
  • We believe inefficiencies in this segment of the market afford the most attractive investment opportunities from a risk/return perspective
  • The engine of economic growth in this country is small business. By investing our time, effort and capital here, we can help build the next generation of world class businesses
  • We believe the days of high leverage and ever ascending purchase price multiples are gone.
  • With a differentiated growth strategy, the ability to generate fundamental value creates attractive opportunities


We are not a typical firm.


We believe that rigorous execution of a sound business strategy is the key to driving fundamental value and generating exceptional investment returns, while best controlling downside risk. Ephor's approach is to think and act like business owners. Change, and the ability to adapt to it, is a business reality in today's economy. Only by thoughtfully exploiting changes underway in a given marketplace can businesses emerge as leaders in the future. For a firm of our size, our team has remarkably diverse backgrounds and skill sets. It is this experience that allows us to work with founders and management to actively assist in the execution of the strategy, rather than to act as passive advisors.

Solving the Value Equation
While we do not run companies on a day-to-day basis, we are actively involved in all aspects of the businesses in which we partner. We work with management to drive the execution of the growth strategy and to implement fundamental business improvements to accelerate growth and improve profitability. Although our level of involvement depends on the specifics of that company's needs, the areas in which our value creation efforts are generally focused include the following capabilities:


Useful Capital Strategies for Overcoming the Founder's Dilemma



Read more about Growth Strategies:
Revenue Strategies for Growth


The goal is to create a defensible niche by adapting to and solving highly segmented customer value propositions. Growth will occur for companies that have lowered their costs of sales compared to competitors, reduced their overall cost structures, and have a portfolio plan for growth and expansion. The challenges of the past few years,have convinced us that winning and succeeding is really more about having the right strategy, team, and resources and then subsequently utilizing them; then about working longer and harder!


It is clear to us, that to be a leader a capital efficient revenue strategy for growth and expansion married with Management Science and coupled with a commitment to learning and change is required. 

Over the past decade, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous technology, BPO, Marketing, Healthcare, VAR, staffing, payroll and HR outsourcing providers as well as our friends from the private equity and institutional investor arenas, with great success and learning. We thank-you. 



The goal at Ephor Group is wealth creation through the use of efficient growth methodologies and experienced execution,” said Garry E. Meier, Chairman of Ephor Group.   


Contact an Ephor today at: ephor [at] ephorgroup.com

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