Board Governance: Organizational Governance: Chairmanship: BOD Expertise and Experience

Governance: Management Science

Organizational Governance: Chairmanship: BOD Expertise and Experience

Our holistic process includes the following components and ensures maximization of wealth and achievement of the market opportunity:

Strategic Assessments & Analysis

  • Business model analysis
  • Companies position in industry, value proposition analysis, and needs assessments
  • Organizational abilities and capacity against market opportunities
  • Product and service portfolio analysis

Constituency Alignment

  • Board of Director (BOD) leadership and structure
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stakeholder alignment programs
  • Team building of Board of Directors and/or management

Operational Assessments & Analysis

  • Business process analysis and development
  • Functional capability and effectiveness analysis
  • IT systems analysis and MIS evaluation
  • Key performance indicator development and analysis by function
  • Management process evaluation and effectiveness: Dashboards

Management Assessment & Analysis

  • Coaching and counseling
  • Management assessments
  • Management process implementation
  • Interim management services and management augmentation
  • Recruitment needs and fulfillment
  • Skill gap analysis: Training requirements

Business & Corporate Development Processes & Programs

  • Analysis of sales, marketing, and program development
  • Business development initiatives
  • Corporate development initiatives
  • M&A buy side activities
  • Partner program design, development, and implementation
  • Strategic alliance identification and program development

Talent, HR, and Workforce Strategy

  • Analysis of requirements, solution definition, process development, and delivery of HCM solutions and execution of HRO services
  • HCM/HRO strategy development through execution
  • HR operations analysis and assessment
  • Implementation of software, services, and methodology execution
  • Organization design, modeling, and change management and alignment
  • Product, service, and process review and best practice optimization
  • Stability and transformation for mergers and acquisitions

Performance Improvement Process & Programs

  • Corrective action programs
  • Organizational structure and changes
  • Process changes and enhancements
  • Turnaround programs

Financial Analysis & Engineering

  • Capital structure needs and analysis
  • Financial measurements and metrics
  • Outsourcing of services identification, vendor selection, and implementation
  • Productivity and cost analysis

Capital Formation & Fundraising

  • Capital allocation and sourcing
  • Offering document development
  • Structure and pricing
  • Targeting of institutional investors

Many times companies engage us to solve a singular issue, but ninety percent of the time the solution needs a combination of strategic guidance, operational improvement, management augmentation, or capital in order to solve the underlying issues.
– Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Founder.

Ephor Group can assist in the Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Assessment of companies at any stage of their company's lifecycle.

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