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Happy 4th of July

Garry Meier

To all our Clients, Friends and Patrons:

Happy American Independence Day!

As we have reached the half way point in 2010, we all should take a minute to celebrate not only the 4th of July, but the ingenuity, spirit, and resolve of the small business community.

As you prepare for the second half of 2010, let me share with you a few of our recent publications which will lend some guidance and support in achieving your 2010 goals and objectives.

1. “Creating Useful Capital Playbook: Required Actions for Executives in 2010

2. “High Performance Workforce Findings: Overperforming vs. Underperforming

3. “The Ephor Effect: The Results of the Perform Business Process™

Please take a hard and careful look at your business model and evaluate its future in this new economy.

We wish you well.

Garry Meier and the entire Ephor Group team


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