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Star Performer Checklist

Have you ever wondered why some enterprises double their profits every year as they scale and grow and others seem to make marginal improvements at best?

Not sure if your firm is a Star Performer?

Take this short questionnaire to determine if your firm is ready for growth and/or growth capital by checking each box if you can affirmatively answer “YES”:

Management Capabilities Checklist:
􀂆Does each member of the team perform at an ‘A’ or ‘B Player’ level?

􀂆Does your organization administer and regularly achieve corporate targets based on forecasting?

􀂆 Is operational performance in the top quartile? (i.e. revenue and profits per employee, EBITDA, Gross Profits, etc.)

􀂆 Are the business processes scalable for exponential growth? (i.e. can revenue-peremployee be increased by 1.5 to 2X without adding additional employees)

􀂆Does each department and/or function utilize a dashboard of eight to twelve metrics?

􀂆 Do you have the functional support (in-house or outsourced relationships) that is needed?
i.e. Are all your business processes and functions outsourced or outperform the competition including: i. Workforce planning, recruiting, and retention, Information Technology including productivity and collaboration tools, CRM/ERP, and Business Intelligence, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Service, Partners and Suppliers

􀂆 Is the workforce aligned and engaged with the corporate objectives?

􀂆 Is the business model “branded” in your sector so that you enjoy pricing premiums?

Operational Capabilities Checklist:
􀂆Is a formal client satisfaction process in place that generates predictable and consistent referrals?

􀂆Does the business have monthly, quarterly and annual corporate targets broken down to daily activity metrics for each location, department, and team member?

􀂆Are IT/MIS and HR both contributing to the strategy and financial performance of the business?


􀂆Are predictable customer acquisition results and costs known and modeled into the
business and financial plan?

􀂆Does Alternative Distribution (i.e. Channels, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures) represent approximately a third of new revenues?



Financial Engine Checklist:
􀂆Does the capital structure motivate management and employees?
􀂆Does the capital structure support the long-term strategy of the company? (Versus settling for “good for now”)


For each checkbox checked “YES” above add 5 points.
Total Score: _________________

Anything below an ‘A’ highlights the room for improvement and thus the opportunity for additional wealth creation.



When EBITDA performance is underperforming it is imperative that quick, decisive action towards a sound solution is implemented and adopted.


“In 2011 and beyond, wealth will be created for businesses models that are unique, are the most productive and economically efficient, promote and excel at CHANGE management, invest in their people, process excellence, and systems while focusing on being REALLY GOOD at a few things (i.e. customer satisfaction).”


The economic reality demands economically efficient process excellence that removes the people dependency and maximizes the probability of success.  “Old school” legacy management thinking does not work.  


This economy requires business model changes & strategy adjustments corresponding to and financial engineering aligned with today’s marketplace. Additional capabilities and competencies are required to exist and profit including: asset development and management, portfolio and customer lifecycle management, and management science. 


Beyond strategy and capabilities development, the difference between underperforming and overperforming companies depends on the performance of companies most import asset, their human capital.  People effectiveness and people alignment is key and requires an efficient work environment and perform operating culture. 


Bankers and institutional investors will not capitalize in unproven and un-validated models. Both customer acquisition costs and service delivery indicators are required to be best-in-class. Scale and profitability depends on a) constant improvement, which requires benchmarking, and b) constant innovation (whether evolutionary or revolutionary innovation is required depends on the competitive environment).

The answer to determine how well a business is performing is benchmarking either against oneself, competitors/substitutes, and/or industry averages.


Research shows that 70% of revenue and management initiatives fail to achieve their targets because of poor process implementation including failure to achieve constituency alignment between owners, management committee, front-line employees, and managers.

Management Science is a requirement for organizations that desire to increasingly increase revenue and profits per
employee, regularly achieve corporate targets, have higher employee retention and referral rates, brand equities that generate meaningful outcomes, and are generally recognized by their peers and community.



Contact us at ephor[at]ephorgroup.com for a complimentary report of insightful analytics and benchmarks for your industry sector.



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